Photorealistic Water And Wave Maker Combo just launched in the MarketPlace
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By Ascensi - 4 Years Ago
Hi everyone, this our first product (Island not included but may be discounted later if we add it or other similar models)
The wave maker part will work with both iClone and IRAY but only the photorealism will work with IRAY at this time. 
There are two iprojects - the original that creates the water you see in the enlarged photo and the other which can be exported if someone deemed there was a need. I did my best to reproduce similar results for the export version and you may get identical results with tiling the UVs smaller in the standard-non original iproject. The export compatible version maybe ideal for rivers and shaded lakes, ponds etc by lowering the brightness and or contrast on the texture in the normal map channel.  As a bonus, using the same textures and provided IRAY material can create the look of Arctic ice! (play with the displacement levels and disable the UV animation)  Store Link  I hope you give it a try and let me know/see how it works for you! Thank you.