My Iray Photo Realistic Water and Island
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By larryjbiz - Last Year
Very nice!!! 
By Ascensi - Last Year
Hi everyone, I just put this together today.  Let me know your thoughts. Update: Animation text complete, details below.
 I haven't sold anything I've made yet but plan to, I'm trying to fully transition into the Game/Film industry currently working on content solo. 
I created my own Iray water preset and other assets.  I can make waves very easily.. title wave out of nowhere as well if you wish but to make it more realistic i'm asking Reallusion if they will add  a vertex animator or even just some vertex gravity effect  will work. I've submitted the request here on the feedback tracker (I hope you vote up)

The island in the distance is a *painted* photo realistic model i'm working on.. currently set at 2k but looks convincing when set to16K!

This is just an update, I rendered a test animation, the speed is easy to fix..
I was impressed that I was able to get water sparkles out of this!