Question about animating jpg images
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By vepop - Last Year
If you are creating a morph-based head, you have to separate the head from the body first.
It should be a front-facing character and the picture should have no glasses on or hair covering the face.
Make sure the background is transparent.
Pick a character template.
Bring the character template to the Composer Mode.
Click Çreate 'morph-based head.
Open the 'face' that you have created earlier.
Follow the instruction given in the Ímage Processing' screen.

By SuzieDesign - Last Year
Thank you so much for answering my question. I will try that. This the image I am trying to use in png. 
By SuzieDesign - Last Year
I purchased the software and I thought I saw somewhere a tutorial for jpg images animation. does anyone know where  can find it? and do I have to have bones in my character to make it respond to my facial expressions?