Morph creator for cloth
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By Leowald - 5 Years Ago

I've a problem with morph creator from iClone 7.
I wanted to add something in the pocket of my character as an animation, so I selected the pants and then export it as .obj to make my morph under blender 2.8 (I even tried under blender 2.79). Then, when I import my morph into iClone, the result is very bad....! I saw a tuto on youtube to do that with blender and tick all the same options... I don't understand why it's not working. Can someone help me please...? I post a screenshot to show you easily what I did :

Thank you in advance. 
By 4u2ges - 5 Years Ago
This is happening because when you Import OBJ to Blender, you also need to select "Keep Vertex Order" (it is a button in Import settings).
By Leowald - 5 Years Ago
Yay! It's working!! Thank you!! BigGrin