Newbie slowly getting to grips with this awesome iClone application
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By whistlebare - Last Year
Many thanks for the feedback,  I totally agree about the facial animation being a little weak, I'd love to use facial mocap but the price of £1500 is astronomical for a hobbiest who makes no money from this. 
On to the next project ! 
By whistlebare - Last Year
Here's a link to a 2 part origin story I made based in the Elite: Dangerous universe space sim.  I'd never touched a 3d animation app  (or any other art program) until about a year ago, so I'm quite pleased with how far I've come.
I love the program and had many late nights due to losing track of time.

Any tips or suggestions are most welcome.

Part 1

Part 2
By pedrosura - Last Year
Hey, I really liked it. Lip sync is sort of a weak aspect of Iclone. In other words, it takes a lot of work to make it look "right". My recommendation is that when you create a movie, that your characters look nothing like the ones other people have access to. Use CC3 and change their faces enough so that they llok like someone nobody has seen yet. It's great to see you making a movie. We know how much work it takes even to create something short and simple. 
By charly Rama - Last Year
Hi there,

I think you're not a "newbie" Smile I find your work really excellent,  especially the lighting, if I have a suggestion, may be facial animation and lipsync can be improved, but I find this already very very encouraging.