Importing accesories from Blender into CC3 and Reallusion Learning for a new member.
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By Haratio - Last Year
I have been Hard Surface modeling in Blender for some years now. I have recently been modeling Swords, Axes, Shields, Spears, Bows and Arrows, EXT. Midieval type weapons. I have been delving into Unity, and Unreal in the hopes of making a game with game models. I have been studying 3D Coat to learn to texture and sculpt. 
I bought CC3, iClone7 and the Xchange program. I am just learning how to use them, and watching all of the YT tutorials along with the Tuts that are connected with the opening. 
I want to bring in my props from Blender into CC3. This doesn't seem to be working well. I also think its mostly because I dont know what I am doing with the process.
I wish they had a more in depth course for the CC3/iC7/XChange/CT8 and so forth.
There is nothing on Udemy, or I would have bought it. Is there a course for sale, and I just dont know about it? I am learning from the manual, and the tutorials, but it is sporatic and slow going.
I want to eventually make assets like the weapons for the content store and content market place.
I want to also make a You Tube series about how to do that so some one can follow along from point a to point z without having to pick and choose content and have to figure it out from peace mealing the information.
By Haratio - 47 minutes ago
So, Yes Mike, TY, I was trying to import them and not Create Asset button them. So now I have been able to bring them in.
By Miranda (RL) - Last Year
Reallusion Wiki might be helpful in answering those questions. (It supposes to!)
This is the general creation pipeline for character assets including clothes, shoes, hair, and accessory.
By Kelleytoons - Last Year
"This doesn't seem to be working well."

Can you be more specific?  What are your problems and how, exactly are you proceeding?  There really isn't much to it -- you choose Create/Accessory and import your OBJ.  You may have scale/pivot issues but that's mostly the only problems folks get when following that (and thus there isn't much of a tutorial or "course" of the process -- takes about 60 seconds).