iClone 7.6 / CC3.1 Update including plugins - stuck at some point

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By sonic7 - 2 Years Ago

Yes - Same as both 3dtester and 4u2ges - the HUB kept displaying a "waiting" condition for both 3DXChange and Curve Editor.
So I rebooted (as done by 3dtester), and got the same messsage about 'unfinished installation', which when accepting, completed the installations. (For 3dtester, the upgrade was from iclone 7.5, whereas mine was an upgrade from iClone 7.4)

It's interesting that:
● On the first attempt (prior to rebooting) that ALL the items showed the 'downloading' procedure EXCEPT the iClone patch.
● After rebooting, instead of 3XChange and the Curve Editor picking up where they left off - instead iClone NOW DOWNLOADS - and installs.
● So *may be* the "hanging" of 3DXChange and Curve Editor was because iClone (at that stage) had not yet been downloaded & installed ???
● In which case it's some sort of 'cueing order' error ??


Message after reboot:

By 4u2ges - 2 Years Ago
Yes, Sonic7. Looks like it was a 'cueing order' problem. Although in my case I did not reboot.
Just stopped and closed the Hub completely and then just started it.
Same message about unfinished process and then it finished installation nice and smooth.
By Peter (RL) - 2 Years Ago
Thank you all for the feedback. If you continue to have this freezing problem, please can you report it in the Feedback Tracker and supply your Hub log. We will then investigate further.

To access the Feedback Tracker, please click the link below.
By 4u2ges - 2 Years Ago
Exact the same thing I had this morning. But I had to go to work and left it as is. Being at lunch break, can't wait to get home and see the outcome. 

By 3dtester - 2 Years Ago
Okay, after the reboot, something surprising happened!
As the HUB started, a window came up, saying that an unfinished download has to be continued.
Accepted this, and all installed happily Smile

By 3dtester - 2 Years Ago
Hi, i am currently updating iClone, CC3 and my plugins.
All went good so far, but now the HUB hangs, showing 'please wait' as shown here:


It is stuck since 20 minutes now and i will soon close it and restart my computer.
And no, there aren't any hidden dialog windows in the background Wink