Prop with link constrains exporting
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By 4u2ges - Last Year
... Then you are just changing tha attachment point from leg bone to hand bone.

Are you referring to switching that in iClone?
By emile.vdwaaij - Last Year
Thanks for the reply, I will see if that fixes the problem from within Iclone. Otherwise i will try out a socket system within unity that may be an solution a old coworker suggested to me. I will post an update If i succeed or fail Smile
By emile.vdwaaij - Last Year
Hi all,
I have a animation export problem with a prop. I made an instruction animation for gun use in iclone and exported all to unity. I have several characters and animated props that are working fine. The problem however is the gun animation. The gun in Iclone is a prop. And to animate this I linked it to the holster on the belt of the character, and when he draws the gun I switch that link to the hand bone with constrain link keys. With this in Iclone I have a good workin animation. But when i export the gun (with animation keys) the constrain / linkage keys arent convereted or baked into the animation. This results in no animation movement in the export. Is there a way to bake the postion, rotation etc, of where the gun is into the keyframes so i can export it to unity? Or do I have to hand animate it?
Hopefully someone can help me,
thnx -Emile
By Rampa - Last Year
My first thought is that you should start with the gun attached to the leg bone the holster is on, not just linked to the holster. Then you are just changing tha attachment point from leg bone to hand bone.