Auto Rig - Character Creator 3
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By delock51 - Last Year
Sorry if this is not the right place to post this, but I had purchased Character Creator 3 a few months ago and use the characters I create there in Blender where I pose them in scenes and such. Recently I came across some mocap animations in the form of FBX from  - and was looking for ways to remap those fbx animations to my Character Creator 3 characters in Blender and came across this product called Auto Rig Pro ( ) and here's a video illustrating it work (

My question is if anybody knows if Auto Rig pro would work properly with CC3 3 characters bones as Id be re-mapping them to the animation FBX's from mocaps site. Any help would greatly be appreciated.
By rustybee255 - Last Month
I'm also using a similar workflow and wondering if Auto-Rig Pro has been used to improve the facial rig (i.e. enough to justify the $40 price tag) especially when applying many of the standard blend shapes included in the ARKit.