Quick Newbie question

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By Peter (RL) - Last Year
Sadly that's not possible right now with CC3 but never say never. Just take a look at how Unreal Live Link as an example of what can be achieved now.
By Bluemaze - Last Year
Sorry if this has been asked before, but I couldn't find anything searching.
Is it possible to have the CC3 functionality called from within UE4, so that characters can be created and added by user like in an MMORPG ?
Thanx in advance.
By djrev50 - Last Year
Please help me!! This is my first time buying or getting into this platform of creation. With that said, What should the first software i buy from Reallusion. Looking to get into animation and creating a cartoon. Do I need add-ons? what is the difference between Iclone and export? Cartoon Creator and Cartoon animate? your recommendations.