PIXTIM productions : Modern SportsWear Bundle

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By matenn30 - Last Month
Clothes are original and cutting-edge. I think I had a hard time doing that.

By Pixtim - 2 Years Ago
As I was asked, I created packs for each complete outfit. You will find them in my store.

By coach1 - 2 Years Ago
It is f* awesome. Thanks. Also, it would be useful for the future to add soccer shoes Smile
By Pixtim - 2 Years Ago

And there are also many other promo on my packs in the market place and the content store in the parts Icone and Character Creator that will also soon stop!
And as I am quite happy with my image, I post it also without blah Smile

By Pixtim - 2 Years Ago
Smile Smile Smile
I did not do it, but you can find it in the content store or the market place
Good creations!
By Pixtim - 2 Years Ago
and some more pictures for fun Smile





By Pixtim - 2 Years Ago
Yes of course. All garments set up for use with Appearance Editor allow this, and much more!
Here's an example with the T-shirt you're talking about.
In Apperance Editor, in Mesh Data, I have implemented a map that defines areas for which you can change the materials and colors.
On this model, the sleeves are therefore independent of the central part, and you can also manage the materials and colors of the seams.
Apperance Editor is a great tool.
As you can see, he also has some generators of patterns, wear, hole and many other things.
Here, I could add a pattern of black and white lines only on the sleeves for example.
I could have added flowers, or any pattern in texture that I want.
Compared to your question yesterday, I forgot to tell you that on the model, I added a logo in front, but you can also add another behind all over the back, or even on the sleeves.
You can even change the material, different fabrics are available, but also leather, metal materials, etc .... All this in CC3!
And for information, all the clothes you bought in my Modern Sportwear pack allow that. (By the way, all my recent productions allow this)

By coach1 - 6 Months Ago
ok ok thank you. I will post it there. I apologize for any inconvenience
By Pixtim - 2 Years Ago

For information, currently 34% off on the big pack Modern Sportswear Bundle for its launch period!
10 complete sportswear for men and women, composed of 26 different clothes and shoes with some variations presets!

By Pixtim - 2 Years Ago

Hello everyone!
10 complete sportswear for men and women, composed of 26 different clothes and shoes plus some variations.
Some models are available for women and men, but they are not the same, but they are different to those of women and men. We can obviously mix the clothes between them (sometimes it is necessary to use the functions of automatic adjustment, but it is light)
All items are intended for work with Appearance Editor, even the shoes! The UV Bindings are all made to easily add logos, graphics and anything you want in CC3. Tissue stretching is minimal so as to have inconsistent deformities.
All material bases are in 2048x2048 so we have the grain of the fabric everywhere. UVs are on a constant scale.
All items have an ID card to change the colors and colors with the Apperance Editor (each color you see in the pictures is an ID but if you want you can also the same material / color on several areas).
Each object has one item broken down with Appearance Editor.
Morphs and physics: Jackets benefit from multiple morphing sliders and Iclone
Jackets have physical map.
Mesh: We are on mid poly. Since we are on quadrangle basis, we can use subdivision functions if we want to make close-ups.
I hope you will like it! That was a crasy work !!
Already available in the Market Place and available in the Content Store from Monday, August 12th.
The packs:
_ Modern SportsWear Male and Female Bundle (Early Bird Promotion - 34% during the month of August)
_ Modern SportsWear Women
_ Modern SportsWear Men














By coach1 - 2 Years Ago
Is there an easy way to create/add one or more Decals?
By coach1 - 2 Years Ago
thank you! that was exactly i was looking for. And two more questions: a) Is that possible to make the shirt striped with two colors (black and white) inside character creator? b) i would like to change green color to black. which is the easiest way? I can see many options for green color and materials in editor.   (I am referring to "soccer outfit" mostly.)  Thank you. 
By coach1 - 2 Years Ago
ok thanks a lot! I will try to group them in a normal distance Smile
By animagic - 6 Months Ago
coach1 (4/23/2021)
Hi! I am posting here but this is a technical issue. If its not ok i will post it on another topic. I am using a toon character and when i am trying to move decal from custom to None i have the error (photo) and CC3 crashes.Any idea? Thank youhttps://forum.reallusion.com/uploads/images/755f66fd-1b8f-4105-b5fc-60d1.jpg

There is a dedicated technical issues thread for CC where you can post: https://forum.reallusion.com/476511/OFFICIAL-Character-Creator-34-and-341-Issues-Thread.
By Pixtim - 2 Years Ago
thank you for your purchase!
You just need to have a correct version of your logo (with an alpha layer / mask) if the logo design requires it.
In Character Creator 3, you select the garment and you emulate the material by activating Appearance Editor.
Then you just need to replace the logo in Decals, and if necessary reposition it.
You can add more than one.


By Pixtim - 2 Years Ago
Ah OK sorry..
No, we can not. By cons, maybe you can integrate them by grouping them?

The other solution will be to send the texture in Photoshop or another image editor and paste them directly on
By coach1 - 6 Months Ago
Hi! I am posting here but this is a technical issue. If its not ok i will post it on another topic. I am using a toon character and when i am trying to move decal from custom to None i have the error (photo) and CC3 crashes.Any idea? Thank youhttps://forum.reallusion.com/uploads/images/755f66fd-1b8f-4105-b5fc-60d1.jpg
By coach1 - 2 Years Ago
Hello! I purchased this content and it looks great. But i want to ask if its possible to replace easily the logo from football shirt with one of my favourite teams. Do i need to use photoshop or something? Thank you!
By coach1 - 2 Years Ago
Hm... What i mean is that you have placed 3 Decals. Can i add even more? It's the number of sponsors bigger than expected Tongue
By Pixtim - 2 Years Ago
yes of course, I explain it precisely at the bottom of the previous page Smile