How can I color the lips of my character
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By marco_dotzler - 5 Years Ago

I am new and I trying and learn by my self to handle with character creator.
After hours I cant solve my problem: How to color the lip?
Maybe you can help me. I will be really gladly if you can help me.
Please if you try to explain it to me can you be carefulle that a newbie like me understand it easyily
By Scyra - 5 Years Ago
Lips are part of the face skin. It's all just one big texture...

Select CC_Base in Scene menu, then in Modify menu select Material tab. Find the material for the head, right-click and Launch Texture to edit in an image editor program. Photoshop's Quick Selection tool makes the job...quick.
By wires - 5 Years Ago
Load a CC1 character, activate the Appearance Editor and make any changes required in the "Lips" sections