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By thebiz.movies - Last Year
Here's an interesting project I've been working on for a while and released on the marketplace today - Davinci' TheBiz's Last Supper.  The project includes the room with exterior backdrop, wall tapestries, table with bread, oranges, wine glasses and plates, a knife accessory and 13 posed characters.  I posed the characters using the Chuck G5 and then replaced him with clonebone characters to reduce the project size.  To use your character in the project just drag and drop onto the selected clonebone and then adjust the hip/waist up/down in the edit motion layer tool. Poses were created with the chuck character so similarly sized characters should require only minor position edits.

Your ability to use this project will depend upon your computer specs and the abilty to handle 13 characters in a project. My computer (I7, Nvidia 970) could handle 13 chuck characters (about 25K) but bogged down using CC characters of appx 45K each.  Project is appx 39MB.

By thebiz.movies - Last Year
Greetings fellow Iclonians,
It has been a highly productive year of asset creations here at thebiz productions with plenty more in store soon.  Here's a few of my favorite releases from 2019!

The Total Maze Package - 3 Maze props; The Garden Hedge Maze, The Desert Labyrinth and the Temple Maze each with terrains and paths to the center.

The Putt Hut - Nine holes of mini-golf with fountains, benches, umbrellas and a managers shack.

The Attic - A place to play some D&D, store your old comic books, illegitimate children and a dusty lamp.

By thebiz.movies - Last Year
Went on summer vacation with the fam and managed to create this groovy hot tub/jacuzzi during a few of the down times when not in the pool or ocean.  Includes 2 modified legacy particles (bubbles & water ripples), a wooden deck with subprop fence panels and deck/pool chairs to soak up the sun.  Just 450 points.

A successful vacation all the way around!

By thebiz.movies - Last Year
Happy Holidays friends!  To close out the year I have released a Morphing Flower Bloom.  The stem and flower pot are subprops that can be hidden or removed and the petals can be duplicated and rotated for a more full bloom as shown in the video. 

By thebiz.movies - Last Year
Hi all, 
I posted a nifty little freebie this weekend.  A Morphing Sheet of Paper that can be crumpled up into a ball for tossing or unwadded from the trash for reading.  Have fun!

By thebiz.movies - Last Year
Speaking of classic cartoons, today I've released the Cartoon Family TV Room.  No fancy morphs in this one but I'm happy with how it came out.  The phone was a particular source of frustration and then pride.  Anywho, its perfect for toon shading or rich GI lighting (as seen in the video).  Impress your friends with your own couch gags!  Happy filming.

By thebiz.movies - Last Month
Good Evening All.  After a productive weekend I've uploaded a project that's been in the works for some time.  This is the Inflatables series featuring six props each with at least one inflate/deflate morph.  Also, each prop has an air pump sub-prop with reach targets so you can easily get the scene animated.  Just attach the character hands to the reach targets and move the pump shaft up and down.  Then open the morph animator and change the morph values along the same keyframes as the pump motion.  Easy squeezy!  Enact your own DeflateGate!  Pump up the world!  Pull that basketball out of the attic and pump it up.  Abandon your friend to a watery death when their pool float suddenly pops and deflates.  Whatever your heart desires (as long as those desires can be inflated and deflated).
  • Basketball
  • SoccerBall
  • FootBall
  • Pool Float
  • Tire
  • Earth/Globe
Buy the package to get inflated value at a deflated price!

By toystorylab - Last Year
Nice morphing props!
And thanx for your Squeeze Bottle Freebie Wink
By thebiz.movies - 4 Weeks Ago
Good morning fellow Icloners!  I uploaded a Holographic globe this morning.  Includes a projector subprop with a base and light cone subprop that can be turned on and off as needed (see handheld projector without base). Globe grid and blue sphere can be turned off. Colors easily changed in the materials panel. Perfect for sci-fi adventures and espionage/spy thrillers.  Have fun!

By thebiz.movies - Last Year
Howdy all.  This month I've been focused on creating morphing props (September Morph for all you Neil Diamond fans...). 

First off I released a Morphing Umbrella pack that has three umbrellas (a single color, a rose and a spiral umbrella) that can be opened and closed using a single morph.  Keep dry on the fly!  Mason is so happy and satisfied!

Next up I released a Morphing Trampoline with 4 morphs of varying bounce depths and one off center bounce morph.  Get your bounce on like Kim Jong-Un! 
Little side note, our old neighbor gave my son a small backyard trampoline (which Kid Millions loved) and would always ask him if he was getting his tramp on.  Strange bit of phrasing but hey, free trampoline!

Now this morning I've released a Free Morphing Squeeze Bottle so anyone who's never played with morph props has a chance to download the bottle and play around with it to see the possibilities of morph props.  Be sure to check out Mason angrilly squeezing that bottle in the video.  So angry.  Anywho, have fun!

By thebiz.movies - Last Month
I uploaded a Disco Ball prop tonight with subprop light rays.  Easy to use and works well with global illumination.  Approximately 6K faces.  Happy filming!

By Peter Blood - Last Year
I love your props Biz. I use a lot of them and they always look fantastic. 
Your work has been a great asset to all of my productions.

Cool pete
By thebiz.movies - 2 Weeks Ago
Hi all, I released a fun one today.  Heres the physics based High Striker Carnival GameThis is an IProject with the High Striker prop, the default Christian character and a mallet accessory.  Christian has the "strike hard" motion applied and the mallet has kinematic physics set to interact with the prop.  Within the High Striker there is a pivot subprop with a hinge constraint and a dinger subprop with slider constraint.  Mallet hits the pivot and pivot hits the dinger.  Dinger goes up!  You can adjust the height of the dinger by moving the hinge constraint (and the two hinge subprops) back and forth along the pivot subprop.  Fun to play with and looks good as well.  I included one of those fun little photo moment boards with a funny picture you can stick your head through and the striker includes support wire flags and cone speakers for your carnival barker.

Speaking of the carnival barker I had an extended voice acting moment in the promo video as the said barker.  Good times!  My son, Kid Millions, also has a very brief cameo in the "foto fun" scene.  I ended up really happy with this prop and the promo video.  Hope you like it!

By thebiz.movies - Last Year
Here's a recent release that may not be as complex some previous scenes/props but its a model that I was pleased with the result.  It's a Tiger Paw Scallop Shell.  Great for underwater scenes and whatever Aprodity-ing you care to get up to.  Everything is sub propped to hide or animate.  Happy Icloning!
By thebiz.movies - 3 days ago
Greetings!  This week I've been hard at work on this physics based Rotating Turnstile.  Perfect for your subway stations, building lobbies, elevator banks or anywhere you need to count the entrance and egress of visitors while providing some restrictive protections. 

The turnstile rotator subprops have hinge constraints on them and I successfully gave them weights and friction to keep the motions appropriate.  All you have to do it turn the character collision shapes on and parade them through the turnstile to see the rotator spin.  Alternately you can turn off the physics and turn the rotator subprop in increments of 120 degrees on the local rotation.  Add a little transition curve preset on the back end to give it a bit of bounce and there you go. 

The prop is modular so its easy to add or remove as many turnstiles as you need with iron fence subprops on the end.  Enter/Exit signs are decal subprops that can be turned on or off.  Also includes a basic station lobby with stairways at three openings.

Happy filming!

By thebiz.movies - Last Year
Good morning Icloners!  Way back when, I was watching a classic cartoon and thinking about how us poor 3D animation hobby folks could pull off those neat squash and stretch animations everywhere.  Then along came the IC7 morph abilities and I filed this idea into my noggin.  Now this weekend I've managed to release Willie's Steamboat!  It's similar to a classic boat from cartoon history with cartoony morphs on the steam pipes, flag and all three steam whistles.  Take a look at the video to see it in action.

As a last touch for the prop I modelled a black steam cloud that I figured would morph in shape and then dissolve.  However, the prop would have to be duplicated for each iteration of the steam pipe morph which was a big pain in the butt.  Therefore I modded a legacy "puff" particle and managed to get the timing in sync with the animation (as well as starting the second emitter one cycle behind to have them offset).  Pretty happy about how the whole thing turned out.  
By thebiz.movies - Last Year
Thanks (and your're welcome!) ToyStoryLab. 

I had been meaning to learn morphs for a while for the express purpose of making a functional umbrella.  I think it worked out pretty well.  I found Warlord's video tutorial very helpful (below).  I also need to take a look at Lord Ashes multi step morph tool soon as it definitely adds new functionality to the morphing process.  Hoping to add more morph props in the near future.

By thebiz.movies - Last Year
Thanks for the kind words Peter.  I've switched to modeling in Blender this year and I'm really happy with the results which has led to a more active role in the marketplace.  

Looking forward to more tales of Arianna!