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By esemgee - Last Year
@thebiz. Doesn't seem to be working for me! Had problems so started afresh. Everything looking good - hands attached to dummy boxes by using reach target, then boxes to guitar (string) but as soon as I attach guitar to spine, or hip, the character sinks to the floor, which is certainly not the movement I asked for! Tried three times now. I can't work out if this is a hierarchy problem or not - though you attached the guitar before the dummies to guitar, I get the error message about not being able to attach to self. Will try again... damn! You and Warlord make it look so easy!  
By thebiz.movies - Last Year
Just focus on the fretboard hand and see if we can get that one going. 
  1. Add the character. 
  2. Add the guitar accessory. 
  3. Detach the guitar from the character.
  4. Create a reach target from a box.  position the box near the left hand.
  5. Set the left hand to the reach target and turn on the rotation check box.
  6. rotate and adjust the box so that the hand is correctly positioned along the fretboard.
  7. Attach the box to the guitar.
  8. Attach the guitar to the character.  Set the bone to Hip (not bone root).
  9. Add animation 
How did it go?

In the posted video the bass player strum hand doesn't move much as bass players don't strum so much as pluck the strings.  Therefore the reach target on the right hand works pretty well.   The guitar will be different and likely cannot use a reach target for the right hand.  Therefore you will have to resort to using the edit motion tool, setting the hand to the correct position at all the problematic point in the timeline.  A PITA but not insurmountable.  This method will also be needed to adjust the guitar position when the characters legs poke through as the guitar motions tend to have that right leg moving forward through the instrument..

By esemgee - Last Year
@thebiz. Thanks for the help --- but still got a sinking man! Created a totally new project, used Evan from Rockband and a bass guitar - it came as a prop rather than an accessory so did not need to attach. Followed your sequence, with just the one hand and it works, perfectly, but Even's legs buckle and bend and he is sprawling all over the floor! Is it something effecting the weight? New iClone, as usual, not working with old? Anyway, my iClone time for today is finished so will keep trying tomorrow - will use the avatar the bass was intended for, see if that works any better! Thanks so much for your time! 
By thebiz.movies - Last Year
Crazy leg issues are often caused by terrains with the foot contact turned on for the character.  Is there nothing else in the project but the character and bass?  Check to make sure that no other body part has been set to a reach target (or reach effector).  Maybe post a screenshot or short video if you can.
By thebiz.movies - Last Year
Glad you got it sorted.  The reach functionality is a touch buggy and I still haven't figured out the reach effectors yet.  Still, reach animations is one of the better tools in my toolbox.  I use it constantly from rowing a boat to riding a bike.

Good Luck!
By jef.goris2 - 2 Years Ago
When I want to link or attach a CUSTOM prop, like a hat, to a character, I clone 7 tells me that it isn't possible.
Is there a way to attach or link a hat to a character that walks along a path ?
By jef.goris2 - 2 Years Ago
I made a hat in BLENDER, than exported in FBX, imported in 3 D X CHANGE, and from there I send it to I Clone 7 as a prop. After I read your comment I did everything over new,
and i can ATTACH the hat to a part of my character, it's a CC STANDARD character with a new body from one of the 100 RL Head serie. I have the possibility to attach the hat
to the Root bone, or to the eye, I don't have the possibility to attach the hat to the head.  When i let my character walk along a path wit an EZ motion walk the hat don't follow
the character. What do I do wrong ?
By thebiz.movies - Last Year
Heres a quick tutorial I made on the subject.  Short version is too make sure the guityar/bass is attached to the hip bone and adjust as needed to the animation.  Then use a reach target for the fretboard hand to move the hand along the frets as she plays.  Hope it helps.

By thebiz.movies - Last Year
Weird one.  I cant reproduce the effect yet.  I sent out the Rampa Signal so lets see what he or others have to say about it.
By jef.goris2 - 2 Years Ago
Hey, You solved my problem ! Thanks a lot. I was already thinking when you use the Edit Motion Layer you see all the
bones of the character. But I couldn't find where i could find them, untill you solved it. I linked the hat to the head bone
and now the hat follows nicely the character, and now I can also link a bag to the right hand of my character. Again,
thanks for helping me. ( It's not so easy for me, i am 71 and English is nog my native language)
By thebiz.movies - Last Year
I was not using the perform menu to add the motions.  When I decided to try to use it this way I got all sorts of wonky results with the bass being wildly offset from the character.  Feels like a weird pivot point issue.

Garry, are you tryuing to use the perform menu or selecting the motions from the animation folders?
By animagic - 2 Years Ago
I don't have iClone open right now so this is from memory. In the Modify section where you Attach or Link where you see name of the bone listed, there is a button with three dots. Click that and you will see the full bone hierarchy where you can select the head.

I would suggest to check the manual for details.
By esemgee - Last Year
@thebiz. Perfect! After posting my question I had a distinct memory of maybe dummies being used and you have certainly pointed me in the right direction and the problems of hierarchies (I watched Warlord's video after yours) I am baffled why my searches never found either video . Love the anime characters - new to me! Will try tomorrow, but I think you have 100% solved my problem. Many thanks
By Rampa - Last Year
Try this:

Start a new project.
Add your character.
Add the bass accessory.
Select the character.
Right-click on the character and find the "Perform".
Choose one of the bass playing performs.

When you add an accessory with perform motions, they need to be accessed from the character's perform menu to sync properly with the character animation included in the perform.
By Kelleytoons - 2 Years Ago
Are you sure they are props and not, for example, clothing?  How exactly did you make them?  (Give us the step by step process).
By esemgee - Last Year
@animagic. Like an idiot I am trying to have a character play guitar. I am using moves and guitar from Rock band. And here lies the problem - the body of a guitar is sort of static, but the neck can 'move' up and down, forward and back, etc from the body's central point. How can that be done in iClone? If I link the fretboard to the hand then the body goes mad, or the body to waist, then the neck is miles from the hand. I had hoped I could attach the hand to the fretboard but I get an error message, says I can't attach something to itself. I think that is a clue, if hands can attach to props then is this guitar a prop? How do I find out? Somewhere there is a tutorial on a person using a spear or staff that has similar moves - one arm is different to another, though not as dramatic motions. There is little help from the pages of Rockband - just the obvious 'learn to animate', but I am sure there must have been a method in the creator's mind as it is an extremely complex piece of animation for anybody. 
By esemgee - Last Year
@thebiz. Here is the very short video. As can be seen, all is OKish until bass is attached. Can't seem to stop Vimeo wanting to add other stuff I've made!!!-  
By jef.goris2 - 2 Years Ago
Hello, you're absolutely wright and everything you say is wright as long as you use a PROP from TEMPLATE. When
you use a prop that you made by yourself, like a hat, you select it, than you got that little quare and position it above
the face of the character and enter, it won't work. I clone 7 don't let you attach or link props which you made by yourself.
(I mean CUSTOM props) At least this is my experience but i am a beginner.
By esemgee - Last Year
As straight as could be. Foot contact is on - it makes no difference except off he sinks below the floor! Have video but need to put it on vimeo- very busy right now. I think, if you are as baffled as me, I might open this up as a new post!
By esemgee - Last Year
@thebiz.movies. Cracked it! It was so simple I could kick myself! I 'locked off' the feet and hip in reach target. I presume they were locked by default, or similar, when you and Warlord did your tutorials as there was no mention of doing such a thing. They don't appear to be covered in an early manual but are mentioned in iClone 7 manual. Tried to work out how to use the reach effector and got totally lost with an orange ball, can see why you gave up! Your method seems to work fine so will stick to that - and will now lock those points to the original - in other words you put the motion in BEFORE reach target. Again thanks so much for your time and help.
By animagic - 2 Years Ago
What exactly are the steps you try to do this, because it should be straightforward.

You select the prop and then in the Modify panel there are options to Link or Attach.

Select one or the other and the cursor will turn into a selection marker (don't know how to call it).

With the marker you then click on the appropriate area of the character in the view port. So for a hat it would be the head.