audio ..please help
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By niceblinkluck - Last Year
hi i have bought recently iclone 7 and cartoon animator but i cant import says the files are too large( even though im only importing a few seconds...what can i use that is free to convert my audio files so i can import them?
By justaviking - Last Year
A few-second audio file is too large?  That sounds strange.  (Pun intended.)

Three questions:
1) Which application is giving you this error?  iClone or CTA?  I'm pretty much assuming iClone since you posted in this forum, but it's best to check since you mentioned both.
2) What file format is the audio?
3) How exactly are you importing it?
By niceblinkluck - Last Year
i will try it again tonight but the fault is trying to import   mp3 and something else into iclone and crazytalk