I have unreal version 4.22.1 Does it work with cc3 plugin for unreal. Because it shut down. Is someone who can help me.

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By kmitchell.12catblackstudios - 2 Years Ago
Please note that if you can import and get the popup for the import the process will cause the editor to increase in memory. I'm wondering if you are getting near the end and the editor just runs out of available memory and hard crashes. This can happen in the editor from VRAM cap or RAM Cap. If it is capping I would try to import into a blank project so that your initial project isn't already bloating memory and then once in you can migrate the files to your main project. I've been importing for about 30 minutes my self selecting HQ character and im still on the first LOD0 importing animations test. So far my memory usage is at 2.3GB.  Also be sure to disable auto save in the project as i've known to have crashes when importing large objects and the auto save kicking in causing head bumps in the processes. 
By cynsegura - 2 Years Ago
I am trying to bring in unreal a character I created with zbrush and character creator 3. But it shuts down and doesn't go into unreal
The plugin I am using it says 4.22 and it is the one I got from reallusion website.
The process is like all is imported and suddlenty at the end close down all
I was trying many times
Where can I get the version of unreal 4.22 and not the one I have which is 4,22,1 I think this can be the problem
Someone there able to help me with this.
By philippmo - 2 Years Ago
cc3 export and Unreal 4.22 import with Character Creator Setup is working fine
By Am7add9 - 2 Years Ago
i use 4.22.1 and there is no problem with importing cc3
make sure you use the correct settings for export from cc
and import to UE4

By Miranda (RL) - 2 Years Ago
The auto-setup tool on website is the latest one. 

Can you show us what process you've been through by recording a video?