Cloth (clothes) for TOON Designer Pack
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By chi1davey - 2 Years Ago
Great ... thank you .... I guess I'm looking for kids sweat shirts, jackets, pants etc.  Usually all I see in that category is medieval cloth.  But thanks again.
By Kelleytoons - 2 Years Ago

Assuming you have CC3 pipeline (and if you don't you should) you can use ANY Daz clothing for your characters.  Daz clothing is both cheaper and much more diverse than what RL offers.  Just for example (all of these would work with any CC3 figure):

and this one even comes with a toon figure (so you can use the outfit with or without it):

Note that if you go this route you should join the Platinum club, which will cut these prices in half (and then some) -- it pays for itself within a month or using it.
By Peter (RL) - 2 Years Ago
Hi Dave

The Toon characters are standard CC3 avatars so any existing CC clothing can be applied to the characters. This includes the CC Essentials clothing, Professional Outfits pack clothing etc. Any clothing you have in your Character Creator library can be applied to the characters and customised as you wish using the Appearance Editor.
By chi1davey - 2 Years Ago
Hi All,
I am trying to find clothing for the TOON DESIGNER characters.  I bought the pack that includes characters and hair, but have not been able to find any clothing for the characters.  Rather new to this part (finding assets). Can anyone point me to some clothing for these chars, I'd hate to have spent $149 for nude characters and hair.  I would appreciate any help .... this is for a childrens 3d story.

Thank you all,