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By cuclixin - 3 Years Ago
We have PERCEPTION LEGAY 2. Can I run iClone with this motion-capture device? Reallusion Support told me we would need Perception Neuron V2 or Pro to use it with iClone.But the software hasn't changed, so why not use it? Thank you for reply!
By Peter (RL) - 3 Years Ago
As Support explained we currently only provide a Motion Live Gear Profile for Perception Neuron. We don't have a profile for Perception Legacy so that hardware is currently incompatible.
By cuclixin - 3 Years Ago
It's PERCEPTION LEGAY 2. The newest product.
By kungphu - 3 Years Ago
If you mean Perception Neuron, the first generation? Yes it will work with iclone 7 like a champ. It’ll work with either the PN plungin or Motion love eoth the PN gear profile. Just make sure you are using the latest axis neuron software from Noitom and you’re good.