What is included in Cartoon Creator 4 content

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By soytinatiu - Last Year
I was wondering where I can find out what content is supposed to be included in Cartoon Creator 4 pipeline. Judging from the preview animations and some screen captures of other users I was under the impression that besides other things, it included the cool looking jack of spades playing card whose face turns around, a little husky dog and possibly the crazy looking chicken. I would love those figures, but my ca4 pipeline came without them, though it did include other figures really nice figures.
By Peter (RL) - Last Year

Sadly the Playing Card and other characters you mention are not included as default content. The dog you are looking for might be the one in the pack HERE.

In terms of new content for Cartoon Animator 4, you should have the new main G3 360 characters, Martha, Phillip, Red, Roger and Ted (3 angles of each).

The Miscellaneous new characters are shown below:


The Animals included are:


And the new Free Bone characters are:


In addition, if you have installed the Resource Pack and the Bonus pack you will have the previous CTA3 G3 & G2 characters.