Turn Character Around

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By boxels - 5 Years Ago
How do I turn a character around smoothly so that it's back is facing the camera?

By Peter (RL) - 5 Years Ago

The latest G3 360 characters come with 360 heads and the bodies come with three angles. Front, Side 1 (45 degree) and Side 2 (90 degree). You can't freely rotate to any angle.

Our older G2 characters do allow for full rotation including a back view. You can do this by loading a G2 character and then opening the 3D Motion Key Editor.
By boxels - 5 Years Ago
Thank you. Yes, I see the 360 G3 characters - so you are saying there is NOT a way to rotate between those three characters unless I align them up and hide / unhide them? Is my assumption correct on this?

Thank you for your replies and help so far, very grateful!