ridding scene of unwanted prop

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By Kelleytoons - Last Year
So why don't you go into scene manager and hide things until you find it?
By johnwarndt52 - Last Year
I feel very  stupid asking this, but there is some sort of guidepost that I used to position characters in a previous scene that I cannot get rid of in a subsequent scene that I'm ready to animate. Does anybody know what the thing I've circled in the attached image is, and how I could make it go away? It's nowhere in my list of props in scene manager.

By johnwarndt52 - Last Year
I did that before posting my question, but somehow I missed it. Duh. Found it pretty quick with Kipster's suggestion, though.
By Kipster - Last Year
there's a selection tool on the top toolbar that looks like a arrow
that will find pesky items.
if this item is attached to something it wont show because it's a sub prop now
By johnwarndt52 - Last Year
Kipster, thanks, I was able to find it right away using that little arrow.