CC3 to Unity | Character Mouth Opens when Animating
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By Dan Miller - 5 Years Ago
The problem is my character's mouth opens when placing any type of animation on the character. This is a CC3 base in Unity. I think I recall one of Kai's videos saying to disable a bone to the mouth to correct that problem. However, if I do that, will I still be able to have my character speak? This is for film so the character will be speaking a lot. Any other solutions besides disabling bones? Thanks.
By nfandino - 5 Years Ago

Your problem is that your animation does not have Jaw's bone. Unity interprets that the bone Jaw has a value of 0, thus opening the character's mouth. The closed mouth value on CC3 characters is 90 if I remember correctly.

To solve your problem, I advise you to retarget your animations on a CC3 character, and to have keys on all bones. That solved my problem. It's a bit constraining on large files, but it's effective.