Transparent Eyelids
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By AndyAces - Last Year
Good morning all,

I've got an issue with my character. I imported a C1 character which I made a while ago and then converted to a C3 character and  then game base as I am a unity dev.  All appears fine except the eyelids.  They are completely transparent (any eye type except slacker eyes) Any idea what the problem might be and how to get the eyelids opaque? 

By AndyAces - Last Year
Thanks for the response guys.  I've made a cc3 character for now because I had some pressing animations to make but if I go back to my old character I will post some images.

By Snarp Farkle - Last Year
Hi AndyAces,

If you could provide some pics or video of what you are seeing it may help others to point you in the right direction.
By justaviking - Last Year
Is it possible the eyeballs are moved too far forward, so the front surface of the eyball (pupil and iris) is actually in front of the eyelid?
I've had to move eyes back into their sockets a few times.  Usually not far, since only part of the eyeball showed through the lids in my cases.
It's something to check.