export fbx from Iclone 7

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By Peter (RL) - 3 Years Ago

I just tested with the same Rock Band character and didn't have any problems as you can see below.

Did you choose the 3DS Max preset when exporting from iClone 7? And if so did you change any other settings?

By trongdung - 3 Years Ago
Dear Peter
Thanks for quick reply
I Thinks the master isn't in 3DMax preset, because I tried to import Iclone FBX with animation into Twinmotion 2019 and Lumion 8, but the error is the same ( Please see the attached image ) Any suggestion ishttps://forum.reallusion.com/uploads/images/004edda2-1a52-4cda-bf1f-2b35.jpghttps://forum.reallusion.com/uploads/images/a09441da-589a-4c9d-b944-90ad.jpg appreciated
By trongdung - 3 Years Ago
Hi there
I'm newbie Iclone , I've try to export FBX from Iclone 7 to 3DMax17  but they alway break all mesh character in 3Dmax. There something wrong ? ( Please see attached images )https://forum.reallusion.com/uploads/images/1760ca1b-0b74-4dff-a206-747f.jpghttps://forum.reallusion.com/uploads/images/bd73b067-aeac-4bf2-87bb-9e15.jpghttps://forum.reallusion.com/uploads/images/d8906e60-60be-49a3-a16d-87e4.jpg
By vicki_314 - 3 Years Ago
sorry peter, i have animator 3, and i was working on making a vector rabbit with tall ears. i put the bones on the rabbit, then wanted to change to a morph head. i watched the tutorial on how to use the mask way of changing the head. it all worked out nicely, except the yellow bones in the head and long ears turned grey and the ears wouldnt move, can you tell me where i went wrong please? i hope ive attached the file for you to check..... thanks, regards vicki    file:///C:/Users/Public/Documents/Reallusion/Custom/CrazyTalk Animator 3 Custom/Character/actors/animals/blue rabbit.ctFBactor