Still no progress on exporting morphs to Unity?
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By lollosone - 5 Years Ago
Still wondering if this is going to happen any time soon.
I can't do much without morphs on my character, mostly because I need the face to change expression and move decently, even if I don't do portrait shots or allow the camera to get too close to the mesh.
All that I need are the basic phonemes to have a basic lip sync, and some morphs for the various expressions; but the only way I can get those is by exporting via DAZ studio into Unity, not via CC3.
By Peter (RL) - 5 Years Ago

Thank you for the feedback.

If you haven't already, please do make sure to add any wishful features you have to our Feedback Tracker. The tracker is monitored directly by the relevant departmental teams and you will get status update feedback from the team there when applicable. In addition, it allows other users to support your request with the most requested features getting priority.

To use the Feedback Tracker, please click the link below. Thanks.

By lollosone - 5 Years Ago
Thanks Peter, found an existing request there and upvoted it.
Although; this mechanism is a bit lackluster. There is no roadmap, there is no way to know what goes in the next build; what is actually considered and so on.

I understand that you don't work for me or anyone else that bought your product, so no hard feelings. Although if customers are aware of what is coming and what is considered in the short term; they may plan things around it. I am not very keen in waiting months or years, for something that may or may not be implemented in the application. At that point I would just move on and find a better tool for my needs. 70% of the advertisement for CC3 is aimed at creating character to export them into 3d engines; as such, I would expect to see features aimed at improving that area, before everything else.

While CC3 is a niche product; and while I get that you are mostly interested in keeping your ecosystem, and CC3 is one of the pieces, not the only one; I would be very happy to see what is actually the main point of CC3, if 3d engine export is only useful to a point. And I am sorry if I repeat the same things every time; but it seems that the progress made in certain areas are either slow or not happening at all. Some clarity on the plans for CC would help customers (and potential customers), to figure out how not to waste time and money.
By Rampa - 5 Years Ago
Are you unable to find the 60 facial blendshapes that export with the FBX character?
By lollosone - 5 Years Ago
Rampa (4/16/2019)
Are you unable to find the 60 facial blendshapes that export with the FBX character?

No, I can see the blendshapes; what I can't see are the facial expressions. They are nowhere to be found.
It is useful to have control on the blendshapes to change the mesh; but it doesn't make my job easier, when I try to create expressions and dialogues.
By lollosone - 5 Years Ago
Any update if this will even be a thing?
Got this application quite some time ago; so I need to find out if I should just use something else for any work requiring import of blendshapes from DAZ, or if I have to wait longer for this to happen.

What I find most frustrating with CC3 is the fact that it is trying to be a lot of things, but has fundamental problems in satisfying workflows that require that extra mile.