A Close Up Shot that was horrible until LIVE FACE came out.

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By pedrosura - 5 Years Ago
Working on this movie for a long time. There is a shot where the main character lands a spaceship at an unfamiliar planet and he looks around to remark on his impression about the spaceport. I wanted the shot but hated what it looked like. With LIVE FACE the shot was fairly easy to make. Just went back and re shot the scene. It's much much better now...Not perfect but better. 

Honestly, the lip sync is an area that could be better. I go to Crazy Talk and get an RL Plus lip sync and use that but still, I think Iclone could create a better lip sync specially if you were bringing the text to go along with your file. Maybe for the future. 
By ultimativity - 5 Years Ago
Great job; thanks for posting. I am thinking about getting Live Face. hoping to create movies like yours.
By pedrosura - 5 Years Ago
Thank you, I am no expert. One shot at a time! Try it you will love it..