Sprites and Bones working together?

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By trilobite_887614 - 3 Years Ago
Hi Reallusion,

Am I right in thinking that sprites and bones don't fully work together in the body of a character - at least with the arms, legs and torso? By this I mean that if I have a character in a bent pose (or animated) and want to change the sprite (of say an arm) the new sprite (selected from the sprite utility) will not conform to the bone position but just appear as a default image on the rig? I hope that I'm missing something here because it would be a great way to add a little more dynamism to moves and poses - by being able to switch sprites around - and a great shame if you can't.

By e1_scheer - 2 Years Ago
Hmmm, guess I'm not alone being surprised by this.  
Seems like an essential feature to me and I'm feeling more and more
tempted to do my cut-out animation in a 3D application like blender :