Can someone help me out with transition curves?
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By michael7 - 4 Years Ago
Hi. I posted this under general yesterday but no one has answered. Now I am wondering if the issue exists for me because of having the curve editor installed? As in, when it installs it takes away some other features because they are now made to be done by the curve editor? I just don't know can someone tell me what's going on with my system?

Yesterdays post;

I put up a link to the video as a reference. I thought ( and as the beginning of the video shows ) you can change the transition or tangent curve of a key frame by right clicking it, where a menu comes up and lets you change the transition and the magnitude of the tangent curve. But I don't seem to have that option. The only way to manipulate the tangent curve for me is to click a tangent key setting in the preferences menu before I make a transition change, and I cant alter it once it's made other than deleting it. And the choice I have of transitions is limited to 6, where in the video there are 16 choices. Is this a change that's been made or is there something wrong with my version?
By dogged2003 - 4 Years Ago
The only thing I can assume is that you do not hit the key with the right mouse click.

In Preferens is only 6 chose.