another question about Crazy Talk 8
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By denise.wilson1 - 5 Years Ago
I guess all the bonus packs you get with Crazy Talk 8 are only for 3D characters.  Since the 3D component of crazy talk 8 can't create animal characters (only 2D can) - very disappointing - are there clothes/accessories available for 2D characters??  Also, can I transfer accessory packs and/or characters from CTA3 (Pro) to CT8 (Pro).
By Peter (RL) - 5 Years Ago
Hi Denise

Accessories and clothes are not available for 2D characters. When you create a 3D Head you only get the head itself which is why you then need to dress it up with clothes, hair and other accessories. However, when you create a 2D Head the entire source photo is used including any clothes, hair or accessories that the person is wearing in the photo. Creating a 2D head also has the benefits of being able to animate almost anything. For example, if you want to create a talking orange or apple you can do this by creating a 2D head.

That said we do have some 3D animal heads available. Please see the pack HERE for some excellent stylized characters from Tokomotion.

Unfortunately, due to the different file formats used, you can't use CTA content in CT8.