I need someone to create and sell me a character

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By kasper_a - Last Year
I'm working on a projekt and I need this character "Pumba" from the Lion King.
I will use it in CrazyTalk8, so it has to be CrazyTalk ready Smile

Im a huge noob, and has no modeling skills what so ever, but if I can get my hands in this character, I would be glad Smile
It has to look like Pumba from the Cartoon and I know well how to get it to Work once I get it, I just can't model....

Who can create this character? and what is your Price?  Smile

By Peter (RL) - Last Year

If you are working with Crazytalk 8 then you don't need any modelling skills to create your character. The character of Pumba isn't really suited to a 3D head so if you choose to create a 2D head instead, you can just load an image of the character you want to use and set this up by placing the fitting points. It wouldn't take very long to do at all.