CC3 Skin Weighting Freezes CC3
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By SpaceCore - 9 Months Ago All,
Before CC3 Pipeline came out, I was importing DAZ Spacesuits with the character in them, then making the character invisible. After that, I would add my desired character into the spacesuit and link it. This seemed to be incredibly resource heavy, so I was happy to get to paint the suits on my desired characters without the extra invisible avatar.

The gloves are not fitting well. I do not know if Daz hands and Iclone hands are just that different or what. I position the gloves, then position the hands to get as close as I possibly can. If there are any peak throughs, I just hide the mesh for the skin on the hands. I also noticed a lot of stretching under the arms when they were extended upwards. I thought manual painting of the skin weights may help fix the issue. 

Problem is that the Skin Weight Paint Brush tool stalls out my system to the point of almost crashing. Definitely to the point of not being able to use it because if I click a spot with the brush once, the blue circle comes up for 2-3 minutes before I can see the results. Definitely not the same outcome that Kai gets on his laptop in the tutorial. 

I have an Alienware R7. i7-8700k with a Nvidia GTX1080TI - 11Gb and iclone is installed on my massive D-drive. I cannot figure out why I would be having this problem. Picture attached shows the deformed fingers of the glove and stretching under the arm. Any and all suggestions are graciously appreciated!
By SpaceCore - 7 Months Ago
Still struggling with the gloves for some reason. The skin weight crash issue does seem to be restricted to the DAZ spacesuit though
By Peter (RL) - 8 Months Ago
Do you have this same problem every time you paint skin weights or is the issue limited to this particular outfit?

If you are not sure, try the same process on one the Character Creator embedded outfits and see if the same issue occurs. If the process works fine with other outfits it may be that this problem outfit is pushing your system resources to the limit.
By SpaceCore - 8 Months Ago
I will try with the other resources you mentioned. I did not think of this particular outfit combination with the weight paint brush being too much for my system to handle, but I will see what can come of it. Thank you for the reply Peter!