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By woody173 - 5 Years Ago
Hi i was wondering if anyone can help me with a bit of a query concerning Mixamo animations and 3DXchange 6.54. I have recently purchased an older copy of 6.54 of 3DX because my computer is not up to run iclone 7 yet. I looked at a couple of videos on converting mixamo animations to my characters and they dont work. The step by step guide isnt the same that comes up on the mixamo site and the convert to iclone button is greyed out. I have tried several ways to convert to a non standard character but still no joy. Can anyone help? this resource was  the main reason i purchased 3dx but yet again it seems i have been pipped at the post. Any help would be greatly appreciated. After two years of trying to do my animation im getting a little frustrated to say the least. At this rate it should have been good enough to be used by Dreamworks themselves LMFAO

Many thanks
By Kelleytoons - 5 Years Ago
Hmmm, don't have 3DX 6 installed anymore, but I think you can just map all the bones and it should work.  There are lots of tutorials out there on bone mapping in 3DX, let me see if I can find one...

Sigh.  Can't, but if you look in the manual I suspect you can figure it out.  If not, write back and maybe I'll make something quick.
By Rampa - 5 Years Ago
Is this what you saw?

Also check here for bulk loading a bunch of files after doing just one conversion. Older tut, but works the same.

You need to save from the file menu to get a folder of motions exported.
By woody173 - 5 Years Ago
I have seen the top two videos abut the video says that 3dx  automatically detects the beta character but it doesnt anymore. The beta charcter has been replaced by ybot. I dont know if that makes any difference but the apply to iclone button in 3dx is greyed out and the animation is no longer available in iclone on my character

By woody173 - 5 Years Ago
Thanks Rampa your a God LOL did it for me again. Took a little while but i got there.

Thanks for the help. Keep up the good work