Upcoming Webinar - Importing and Rendering Renderosity Content in CC3

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By Peter (RL) - Last Year
Webinar - Importing and Rendering Renderosity Content in CC3 Hosted by Kai DeNeve

Character Creator 3 is a fantastic new release from Reallusion that contains a whole arsenal of tools that allow you to customize every single aspect of your characters down to the finest details. It also contains the ability to import in a large library of standard 3D models from Daz and Poser, in addition to their clothing and accessories. In addition to the exceptional character creation and customization tools, you can also use Character Creator 3 to produce photo-realistic renders of your characters using the Iray render plug-in. This webinar will walk you through the process of how to import standard Daz format characters into Character Creator 3 along with separate clothing items, edit and conform the clothing to your character, and also change the appearance of your character by utilizing 4K high resolution texture maps and applying them to the skin of your character. Finally, you'll learn a bit about how you can easily pose your character and create stunning photo-realistic renders.

Live Demo Outline:
Exporting Victoria 4 / Michael 4 models from Poser and Daz Studio
Importing a clothed Victoria 4 model into CC3
Importing separate clothing items in OBJ format
Quick import of nude Michael 4 model
Morph and material customization in CC3
Iray rendering with Light Studio

Date: Mar 19, 2019 (UTC)
Price: Free
Level: Beginner

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