ZBrush 2019 Update and Now GOZ Doesn't Work

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By DavidinLA - 2 Years Ago
I updated Zbrush to 2019 today. When I went to use GOZ with CC3 I received a message "Zbrush application was not found. Verify...." 

You can see in the attached screen shot that Zbrush is open in the tray when I get the message. I tried to put a shortcut in the Zbrush2018 folder and that didn't work.

How can I correct the issue?  Is it a path thing? Do I have to use the old Zbrush 2018 with CC3?

Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

By DavidinLA - 2 Years Ago
Just a note - I reinstalled Zbrush 2018 and that does open up with GOZ from CC3. I would like to use the new and slightly improved Zbrush 2019 though if possible. So if any suggestions...
By vidi - 2 Years Ago
Is it a path thing?
For me it works in Zbrush 2019 wihout any changes  , but in your case remap the aplications that are GOZ-able  in the preference menue in Zbrush 

By DavidinLA - 2 Years Ago
Thank you for your help. It didn't occur to me to attack the issue from the Zbrush side but that makes sense in retrospect. Would you say it's OK to go ahead and uninstall ZB2018?