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By chanarachl10 - 4 Years Ago
Hello everyone, I am Home from Thailand. I just start learning Animator a few days ago.
However, I have a problem with limited resource on my laptop (mac book air 2017 - 128 GB)
I install Windows OS with VM (not boostrap) with only 40 GB  (after using Mac for a while, I know that I prefer Window OS)
So with only 15 GB left on Window OS, I tried to install Animator 3 with a couple of package but my disk run out of space.
My solution is buying new external SSD and used it for installing Animator with all packages. (it should be USD 3.0 on Mac air)
Do you think I will have any problem working on Animator while the program was installed on external SSD.
please feel free to suggest. Thanks so much Smile
By Peter (RL) - 4 Years Ago
Hi... I'm puzzled why you are not just using the Mac version in the first place. Ermm

Trying to use Crazytalk Animator under VM is not recommended nor supported. You will be much better using the native Mac version which will save you a lot of hassle.