Question about Crazy talk versions
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By danphish - 5 Years Ago
I just stumbled upon Crazy Talk and wanted to see which version I would need to accomplish automatic facial animation with an audio track and on a pre-existing 3D model (modeled in another application).
Also, does crazy talk have the ability to render out the facial animation and/or export the animation data to another 3d application like maya, c4d or modo?
Thanks for any information.
By Peter (RL) - 5 Years Ago
Hi Dan

CrazyTalk 8 is a standalone program for creating 3D heads. Unfortunately, you can't bring in 3rd party 3D heads and use them in CrazyTalk 8. It also doesn't export 3D heads directly to Maya, C4D or Modo etc.

However, if you have the Pipeline version of CT8 you can send the 3D head you have created to our own Character Creator 3 Pipeline software where it can be applied to a full body character. This character can then be exported in FBX format for use in other 3rd party software.
By danphish - 5 Years Ago
Ok thank you for your reply. I appreciate the information.