From Iclone 7 to CC3
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By hanifonana - Last Year
Hey Guys 
am trying to export a dread Locks hair pack from DAZ to Character Creator 3. I already managed to move export it from DAZ 4.10 to 3DXchange and from 3DXchange to Iclone 7 now i would like to export the same hair pack from iclone 7 to CC3 thats where am stuck.can anyone help me please? thank you
By Kelleytoons - Last Year
If you attach it to a CC3 compatible character in iClone (and you can do this as easily as opening up CC3 and sending the default over to iClone and inside of iClone just put the hair on and Attach it to the head) all you need do is go to the Modify tab for the Character and select "Edit in CC3" and the character and hair will both come into CC3, at which point you can save out the hair separately inside of CC3.