"Game" type keyboard controls, and masked props...

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By ToonaciousD - 2 Years Ago
Been working with CrazyTalk a couple weeks. Pretty cool, but needs some things for production speed.

WASD navigation:
One of the most hindering things to the speed of production, is zooming and backing the camera in and out (but in any direction really). In UE4, you can use gamer keys (WASD), to fly around the scene. *THAT* would help alot. When you Focus All, it takes too long to fly to where you want to go.

Alpha based reveals on Props:
I have really specific client requests...and one that comes up is having a custom way to reveal a prop on screen via an alpha mask. Fade in and out is fine, but I'd like to customize a way to bring something in based on a grayscale map, so I make things like drying paint disappear based on map, or make a house look like it's being built.