PopVideo Export Trouble

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By Mark McKinney - 7 Months Ago
I am having the exact same problem
By SpaceCore - 8 Months Ago
Is anybody else having trouble exporting anything from PopVideo? I can get into the application, do the chromakey editing, then when I export, it does so up to 100% but then goes to a "not responding" state, then asks to close down. I have tried to export in MOV, AVI and Pop and still having it hang up. I have uninstalled and re-installed but still seem to be having a problem. Just wanted to see if I was the only one. 
By SpaceCore - 8 Months Ago
Thank you for the tip Mr Kelley! I checked the drivers and they seem to be all fine, but I do keep getting popups about my Killer Driver and Nvidia, but when I check, everything looks fine and up to date. I put in an email for my support tech to get in touch with me and check it out, but I am sure you are all too familiar with Alienware and their support. You can call in, but they strongly encourage you to email and speak only with your account manager, which makes sense because nobody else seems to be anywhere near as competent as your case manager is. It is a grind. Once they get in and I can confirm that everything is actually up to date, I will try again. Thank you as always. 
By Mark McKinney - 7 Months Ago
Found out that only way to make it work was to render in PopVideo format from IC7 then import into PopVideo Chroma out and save as PopVideo then use the chroma PopVideo as a Plain - whole reason I bought the program was to chroma out and make transparent videos for large crowds without eating up Video Memory

I know this is mentioned in other posts but hoping anyone else that reads this post finds this work around if they were trying what I was
By Peter (RL) - 7 Months Ago
I have run a few tests and can't find any problems exporting from popVideo 3. The problem may be with the source video.

Try converting it to a different format like AVI or WMV or alternatively you can install a codec pack like K-Lite as already suggested. It's also worth lowering your export resolution to see if that makes a difference.

Do also check that you have the latest version of popVideo 3 installed which is 3.01. You can check by going to Help > Check For Update.

If you still have problems after checking the above, please contact Technical Support using the link below and supply your source video so they can test it. Thanks.

By Kelleytoons - 8 Months Ago
I replied to your other post (as a very general rule you don't need to post more than once although I will admit that with products like PV it might be helpful to post also in a more frequented area) but first make sure you are using the latest video drivers.

If that doesn't solve the problem maybe you can post a small sample of what you're having trouble with so others might give it a shot (I'd be glad to try to make sure it isn't the file itself).
By rosuckmedia - 7 Months Ago
Hallo Mark McKinney
Maybe they have a codec problem,
Install K-lite codec pack
Greetings Robert