CrazyTalk 8 Exporting Heads to Character Creator
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By jonscottmay - Last Year
I may be missing something here, but why are there options to add accessories to your Character in CrazyTalk 8 (including hair) but they all disappear when you export them. Basically you transport a bald head onto your Base Avatar. Can someone advise please? 
By jonscottmay - Last Year
Many thanks for your reply Peter. 
By Peter (RL) - Last Year

CrazyTalk 8 is intended as a standalone program for creating talking avatars and allows you to add clothing, accessories, hair etc. and export your movie to video. In addition to that, the Pipeline version also allows you to export the 3D head only for use in Character Creator / iClone where there you can add all the required clothing, hair or accessories. There are no other export options from CT8.