How to soften picture
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By andrew.genaille - 3 Years Ago

I put a pop video into iclone and rendered in indigo, The problem I have is the cgi picture is sharper than the pop video.

It would blend better if I could soften the cgi and was wondering if there was a way in iclone or indigo.

By sonic7 - 3 Years Ago

● As far as I'm aware, PopVideo only supports up to 1080p, so that would prevent you from using say a nice sharp UHD, 2160p PopVideo image. I don't know anything about indigo or it's settings, but I'm wondering if you couldn't render out your cgi separately (with a transparent background) and then use a non linear editor to combine it with your PopVideo image. With the 2 layers, you'd have total control over their 'look' and 'sharpness'.
● There is a 'blur' effect in the  'Content Manager' under Stage > Effect, (controllable under 'Visual' > Post Effect'), but as far as I know it 'blurs' the entire scene -  Sad
● The only other option I can think of is play with your Depth Of Field settings to slightly soften at the cgi distance, leaving the PopVideo fully focussed.
Just some thoughts - others may have more suggestions ....
By sonic7 - 3 Years Ago

Correction: .... It appears that PopVideo is now able to accept 3840 horizontal pixel image resolutions. I just had success exporting a 3840 x 1636 pixel PNG sequence out of iClone and importing the sequence into PopVideo to create a PopVideo file. That file was then successfully right-click 'dragged and dropped' onto the iClone work area as an Image Plane OR a Billboard OR and Image Layer. This would give the potential for more detailed image quality inside of iClone when matching to the cgi ....
By andrew.genaille - 3 Years Ago


I’m going to give them a try today after work and see what I can come up with