Automated Lipsyncing / Realtime rendering
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By michiyo.wellingtonoguri - 3 Years Ago
I like CrazyTalk's ability to create a face making realistic lip movements given text or an audio file.  It seems like it'd be a cool way to provide a face for a real-time chat-bot type program.  

I see two challenges:
* I would need to import the speech programmatically: is there any way to do this without manually using the UI?  Say, a command-line tool or an SDK?
* I would need to display the face outside the CrazyTalk UI without a lengthy rendering time (to keep the conversation flowing)

Do these functionalities exist?  I haven't been able to find any hints of them online or in the forums, but I thought I'd ask. 

By Peter (RL) - 3 Years Ago
Unfortunately, CrazyTalk 8 does not include an API or scripting features. All exports are purely video or image based.

These features were available previously with CrazyTalk 7 which had an Interactive Plug-in and Unity Plug-in, but due to compatibility issues with the webplayer it was discontinued.

I'm sorry I can't bring you better news.