Quick Workaround for image sequence naming issue.

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By stuckon3d - 2 Years Ago
Awesome Can, thank you for the temp fix Smile
By Can(RL) - 2 Years Ago
Hi all,

The way Iray image name is saved(Name_#####_AOV type.format), it makes it hard for post production software to import sequences.
Team will fix in next patch.
For quick workaround, please download the python file below :

Example :

By justaviking - 2 Years Ago
Yes, very cool.
Thank you.  Smile
By wires - 2 Years Ago
Thanks Can for the quick fix. Cool
By Renaissance Man Studios - 2 Years Ago
FYI, another solution that I used before I came across this thread was using Adobe Bridge's batch command. Of course, you need to be subscribed to the Adobe Creative Suite.