Looking for Fig Trees

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By Kimmie777 - 5 Months Ago
I just found these on another site through an online search.  Can someone please tell me if they will work in iClone on an iClone height terrain map? 
Thanks in advance! 
~ Kimmie

By Kimmie777 - 5 Months Ago
We just put the 'Total Plants 2: Botanical World' pack in our cart (the $200 botanical pack).  But we cannot find a fig tree in there (which we will need fairly soon for our production).  A pack of fig trees would be even better. 
I did a search for fig trees and other tree packs come up... But I am not seeing fig trees actually listed in them so far.
Ideas anyone? 
~ Kimmie
By animagic - 4 Months Ago
They will work as they are simply props and can be placed manually wherever you want them.

However, they will not be influenced by wind like the SpeedTrees in iClone, so you would need to animate them somehow. I'm not familiar with the product, so I can't say much more about it.

EDIT: Actually, I'm not even sure that they can be animated. But if you just want a static tree, you would want to get an OBJ version and import it through 3DXchange.

Easiest would be if you could find an iClone tree in Total Plants that looks very similar to a fig tree.