Terrain Editors

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By Rampa - Last Year
CC3 can import OBJ directly. It'll come in as an accessory.
By Kimmie777 - Last Year
What do you guys recommend for a terrain editing program?  
We may need a 2nd terrain editor that will do the job, but won't be too expensive to buy. 
We are using Earth Sculptor in iClone. 
Also, how do I go about getting textures for height map terrains?
~ Kimmie
By JimmyB7 - Last Year
Project Dogwaffle Howler 2019 is cheap and powerful. You can easily create amazing terrains with textures, and export to OBJ for use in iClone. As usual though, 32-bit 3DXchange is the weak link since Howler can create huge files. I’ve been able to import some terrains into Character Creator, and then back to iClone attached to an avatar. Not the best way, but seems to work.