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By Peter (RL) - 10 Months Ago
333dddsss (1/22/2019)
o my good .... i refound my panel .... yes yes yes ...

It's good to hear the problem appears resolved now. Thanks for letting us know.
By 333dddsss - 10 Months Ago
i  understand my problem
i have 4k screen and 1920/1080 
when i want to slide my "motion live" panel from 4 screen to 1920 screen. windows put this panel out of the screen ... i dont know were 
to resolve: i go to "affichage" parameter ( en francais ) switch my screen and "motion live" panel arrive ... 

o yyehhhh 

thank you, have a nice
and sorry for my poor englich

By 333dddsss - 10 Months Ago
i want to test faceware motion with cam but in my trial version it is not working ???,

is it normal???

i m french sorry for my english
By Peter (RL) - 10 Months Ago
Obviously, it isn't normal for the trial not to work so there is likely a setup problem.

To be able to help you we need a little more information about the problem. For example, can you confirm you have installed the Motion Live trial and the Faceware Gear profile trial? These are available HERE.

If you have and you have iClone 7 installed as well, please post a screenshot of your iClone 7 Motion Live Panel showing your connected Gear. Thanks.