02 Need More Help?? Come Study Our Projects and Tutorial Videos

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By Ola(RL) - 4 Years Ago
Don't know how to start with Smart IK (Inverse Kinematic) or 360 Head Creator?
Here are some accomplished projects and video tutorials for you to download and decipher the mechanisms.
  • IK&FK Tutorials - Download HERE
    • IK&FK tutorial 1.mp4
    • IK&FK tutorial 2.mp4
  • 360 Head Video Tutorials - Download HERE
    • 0.PSD Workflow for 360 Head.mp4
    • 1.Quick Head Turn Setup.mp4
    • 2.Basic TransformDeform.mp4
    • 3.Speedup(Copy_Onionskin).mp4
    • 4.Add Feature Component.mp4
    • Boar Augmented Expression Tutorial.mp4
    • Cat Smooth Mode Open Mouth Setup.mp4
  • Projects - Download HERE
    • Basic Head Setup final result Setup.ctTBactor
    • Basic Head Setup for video 4.Add Feature Component.ctTBactor
    • Basic Head Setup for video1.Quick .ctTBactor
    • Boar for Augmented Expression.ctProject
    • Cat for Smooth Mode Open Mouth.ctProject