Exporting motion with eyes blink to UE4

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By alaa_alshahed - 5 Years Ago
Guys am so tired of this really Sad
I try exporting from Iclone to UE4
and this didn't work
then As they told me to export direct from CC3 to unreal and include the animation from iClone as MotionPlus and also didn't work
later I tried to make sure that when importing to unreal to check import morphs but even this one didn't work with me
the mesh and materials and even the animation scene that full of facial expression works fine only the eyes blink no

when am looking to the morph panel in unreal I can find all the morphs but all of them not working
By Miranda (RL) - 5 Years Ago
Hi alaa_alshahed,

Can you help to try again by initiating the auto-setup process? Thanks