How do you adjust UV's in CC3 or in my pipleline so my Substance textures allign with CC3's UV
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By jfleetwood - 5 Years Ago
I'm hoping that there is a relitivly easy solution to complete my workflow. 

First I create a model with CC3 Base
I then send it to Zbrush with GoZ for detailed sculpting.
I save the origional mesh poly count and a HP version.
I then bring the LP into Substance Painter and project the HP detail.
At this point I know that the UV space is wrong. What I'd like to know is if there is a way to either adjust the base CC3 modles UV or is there something I need to do in Zbrush or Substance.
Your help would be very appredciated, I've  been trying everything I can think of.

If I have to bring it back through exchange that would be fine as long as it retains all of the facial bones.

By StudioZ3D - 4 Years Ago
Can you show us how your UV space is messed up? Only issues I've had with Zbrush is that it scales things weird.
By vidi - 4 Years Ago
In Zbrush are the UV overlaped