3DCoat vs ZBrush for CC3

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By wires - 3 Years Ago
There is no direct integration of 3DCoat in CC3, it does not have a function similar to GoZ. There are several users doing work in 3DCoat for use in CC3, but I think that they are mostly creating clothing items. It's great for painting on exported .obj file for adjusting materials, but this can also be done in Substance Painter.
By illusionLAB - 3 Years Ago
3D Coat is by far the most useful tool in my arsenal (I have Z-Brush and Substance Painter too) - the deeper you get into 3DC, the more it 'makes sense'.  It even has a hidden gem of a "cloth simulator" for modeling clothes... and, most importantly two "auto retopo" tools (3DCoat and Instant Mesh).  As for Substance Painter... I abandoned it the moment I discovered, much to my horror, that you can't paint across UVs (well you couldn't last time I tried).
By Kiwi-Hawk - 3 Years Ago
Kia ora


3D Coat DOES intergations with many apps
By patt4179 - 3 Years Ago
I'm about to take advantage of this December sale and get CC3 for developing my humanoid characters for Unity, and I had a quick question:

I was watching videos and reading about the ZBrush integration for making custom characters, clothes, etc. Can I use 3DCoat instead, or is the integration somehow specific to just work with ZBrush? I already own 3DCoat, and ZBrush is pretty pricey for me to buy in addition to all of this. Has anyone done any work with 3DCoat and CC3?